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Rajasthan Tour package invites you to discover the beautiful land of Rajasthan. Rajasthan Tours are always an incredible experinece
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Rajasthan Villages

Life in Rajasthan VillageFor what is referred to as a desert, Rajasthan is amazingly populated. The villages in Rajasthan represent the real charm of the state. A number of Rajasthan villages and hamlets, telltale signs of tree groves and populations of cattle being the only indication that there is such a settlement in close proximity. The essence and experience of enjoying the real life can be found in Village of Rajasthan.

A Journey to Rajasthan VillageIf you want to know more about Rajasthan and its wonderful culture then a visit to Rajasthan villages will help you to reveal this magnificent land. Away from the hustle and bustle of hectic city life spend your soothing moments in the calm surroundings of Rajasthani village.
The simple but pretty charming life style of Rajasthan village will take your breath away. A village in Rajasthan comprises of circular thatched roof huts with walls made up of clay, cow dung and hay. The traditional and colorful costumes people wear in the village of Rajasthan are not less than a costume designed by a reputed fashion designer.

Village of Rajasthan - Rural Destinations in Rajasthan
Rajasthan is enriched with a number of eminent villages. Bahid village in Rajasthan and Kulbhata village in Rajasthan are one of the renowned villages of Rajasthan. Below is the famous Rajsthan village list:

Rural Attractions - Must to Experience in Rajasthan Village

a) Camel Ride: A camel ride in Rajasthan is your cup of tea if you are looking for some simple adventure in the village of Rajasthan.
b) Explore the amazing oasis in the remote villages of Rajasthan.
c) Experience the true village life of Rajasthan by making a stay with a rural family.(Promoted by Rajasthan Tourism)
d) Taste the camel milk and the delicious sweets made of it.
e) Try some innovative things by making your own tye and dye fabric.
f) View the panoramic sunset by climbing up the sand dunes on the Sam Sand Dunes.
g) Dress yourself with colorful traditional Rajasthani costumes and jewelery.

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Maharajahs of Rajasthan ruled the land with bejewelled fists and bequeathed it a legacy of forts that are the best speakers of time.
Palaces or the erstwhile residences of the Maharajahs of yore create a milieu that's inescapably attracting. Come and experience.
The wildlife in Rajasthan is perhaps as exotic as its culture. Be it birds, mammals or reptiles, you'll see varieties you'll lose count of.
As you finish your hunt with forts, palaces and wildlife, get ready to soothe your souls at places like Pushkar, Ajmer Sharif, Dilwara etc.