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My Date with the Sam Sand Dunes

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Rahul Mehta (New Delhi)
Visited: 07.08. 03

I reached Jaisalmer by car from Jodhpur, an engaging drive through the barren lands with camel and peacocks running around making the otherwise serene excursion full of outstanding events.

My plan was to sojourn the famous Sam Sand Dunes at sunset because that was the manner to enjoy the charm of a desert- Sam villages on the edge of the Desert National Park. I along with my friend took the road that would lead us to the dunes. A distance of about 45km from Jaisalmer and we reached the exotic Sam.

Our stay was arranged in the fabulous tent accommodation, most of the hours were spent watching the majestic shifting of sands. The sand shimmered beneath the amiable sparkling of the comfortable winter sun accentuate every aspects of a desert. The extensive tracts and miles of barren sand dunes kept modifying color and shifting every minute giving a feel, that a painter is creating a magnum opus. It was just fantastic. We spent hours viewing this panoramic sight, evaluating as to which way would the wind stroke and the ruffling dunes would cause an enchanting mirage.

We decided to take in a camel rode too, the camel safari took us about 1.5 km in to the sand dunes. Suddenly we were in the heart of the sandy tableau that we had been cherishing from a far all this while. It was a vantage-point to sight the patterns carved out by wind. Sam is truly a photographer's ecstasy, with its sweeping dunes widening faraway and then blending with the colors of the dusk.

After most exquisite sunset view we came back to our tents. It was a time for a pure vegetarian meal comprising Dal-Batti, Puris, urad dal and ghewar- a sweet dish. After the delicious meal it was another round of admiring the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding desert panorama. In the meanwhile a group of local artisans arrived in their usual resplendent kaleidoscopic ghagra- cholis and with their typical local musical instruments. We all sat around them and enjoyed their songs and dances. Little boys played the music while the women flock danced on the tunes with their men, singing in their rural yet, graceful voice. The entire vista was traditional.

Ultimately it was time for sun to bid farewell. The entire sky was set ablaze with golden yellow color. Calmly the blaze sky withered away and the golden sun submerged below the horizon. The temperature dropped constantly fast and I began to feel a chill. It was just a magnificent sight, even the wind calm down to watch the array.

As the sun set, millions of twinkling stars adorned the vast black sky. On our way back our guide suggested to return via Khuri, a small village very near Sam. We found the sandy scenery of Khuri, even more beautiful than Sam but due to lack of time we reluctantly return to Jaisalmer.

The majestic grandeur of an imposing and exotic Jaisalmer that stands out of desert smog, with its yellow sandstone parapet, drenched in a golden hue of the sun is almost like treading into the pages of Arabian Nights

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