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My Exquisite Excursions to Deshnok

Rodger Aderson (Australia)
Visited: 24. 11. 03

As a part of my Rajasthan Tour I had an exalted excursion tour to Deshnok and Gajner. Almost 30 to 32km from Bikaner amongst all the splendor, what left me completely enchanted was Lake Gajner, the hunting recourse of the erstwhile emperors of Rajasthan. I was driven to a close sanctuary, recognized as Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary in a princely horse cart rode by 4 horses to sight black bucks and deer for which the wild is distinguished for, besides this I could also enjoy the sight of grouse, nilgai, chinkara and wild boar. The entire vista was so peaceful, the hospitality unmatched, the ambience perfect for wild life enthusiasts.

After storing some of the splendid moments of the great wilds through my video-cam, I proceeded to wards my next destination. I took a tourist cab and drove towards Deshnok to pay my homage to Karnimata Temple, the temple has long amazed me with its opulent religious beliefs, the locals told me that the temple was built in 17th century and is regarded as a manifestation of Goddess Durga.

As I reached the temple complex the whole, tableaus was so sanctified and divine that for a time being I was completely baptized in this holy vista. Halting to cherish the majestic pair of lion' throne on either side of the gate, I took off my shoes and stepped in, as in India you can only enter the worship sights bare foot. Walking towards the Devi, I felt something-furry scurry across my foot. I looked down and to my amazement I saw that the entire floor was a carper of rats, unconscious of the people. Equally indifferent were the devotees who were feeding the rodents pieces of laddoo (sweet) for salvation. I was informed that the rats were souls of holy men, as priests chants mantras, we saw plates with sweet offered to the Goddess on which sat rats, gnawing over.

I could see that the people were eager to spot a white rodent, especially auspicious creature. I was absolutely spellbound at this magnificent sight and was bound to think upon that in India, devotees not only have faith in human figures but in the living creatures like rats too. Truly, incredible India.

I also pass through the bustling markets of the city and was welcomed with honor and offered pan (green leaf) people eat as a mouth freshener here. I was bewildered at the sight of bright, buzzing market, colorful people and a diverse variety of products on display, I feel this is what transmit spirit to Desert Rajasthan. Also the language- the sweetness and dignity in the word 'hukum' the rural lingo, often addressed to the rich people by the locals and almost used in every sentence, fascinated me a lot. I enjoyed some of the famous Rajasthani delicacies like Gatte Ka Sag, Bajire Ki Roti, Lala Mass from one of the famous restaurants of the area, It was different but to my surprise, I liked it.

After visiting the temple of Karnimata and seeing the wonder with my own eyes, I could say that the faith of the devotees in their lord is so spiritual and affirm that nothing could move them from their present belief. Truly temples of Rajasthan are vital affirmation to the vibrant talent of Rajasthan.

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Maharajahs of Rajasthan ruled the land with bejewelled fists and bequeathed it a legacy of forts that are the best speakers of time.
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The wildlife in Rajasthan is perhaps as exotic as its culture. Be it birds, mammals or reptiles, you'll see varieties you'll lose count of.
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