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My most exhilarating sojourn to the city of Jaisalmer

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Abdhulla Nassar (Jordan)
Visited: 12.01. 02

No other region in the country throngs the myriad paradoxes of India, as does the desert land of Rajasthan. On an official visit to India, I got a chance to explore the Desert City of Rajasthan. It was a bitterly cold January and Delhi was engulfed with dense fog. On an impulse, really I decided to leave the drudgery of the city and drive to Jaisalmer.

As I passed Delhi, the sky was clear and the sunrays made whole environ quite visible. Slowly and slowly I could feel the change in the terrain from lush green vegetation to sandy land. The desert cape was stunningly magnificent, vast and unrevealed. The roads were abandoned for miles, broken only by an undulating procession of caparisoned camels or women treading thoughtfully back home, with metal or earthen pots of water on their heads. With Nusrat Fateh Ali's voice in the environment, my emotions sailed high as I penetrated further in the land of sand. And of course the very occupancy of the Indian Army was quite visible as I got closer to Jaisalmer that lies at the border of Pakistan.

I visited the brilliant fort of Jaisalmer, of Satyajit Roy's flim fame, it was as engaging as I had visualized it would be- resplendent and magnificently stacked. My guide Murli, acquainted me with the many facts about the Jaisalmer City, that once the city was a flourishing hub for tradesmen, as it resided on the caravan route between Afghanistan and Central Asia. Maharawal Jaiswal founded the Fort Township in the 12th century and it bloomed, as traders marketing in spices, precious stones and Gold Company through it.

I could feel the glistening gold of the sandstone that was used with an aesthetic finesse, as some says it is peerless in architecture splendor in other Rajputs states. The palaces and havelis were exquisitely designed and endure the same ambience even today. As I walked down cramped avenue I saw havelis bearing the label of by gone era. The delicate netting latticework on the windows efficiently cooled the inside complex.

I saw more intricate homes of wealthy merchants as Patwon Ki Haveli, which bragging 5 complex and some 66 balconies. Then there was Salim Singh's 6-storied haveli with 38 distinct balconies. Nathmalji, the erstwhile Prime Minister's haveli showcases the horse and carriage, bicycles and even a European steam engine, absolutely a worth visiting sight. There were some havelis, where people still lived with rooms and courtyards, hung with framed photographs of mustachioed ancestors- powerful and handsome.

There was a inclined deferment of wonder as me along with other troop listened to the locals narrating stories about Rajput heroes and their princesses- their colorful narration's were so engulfing that we were bound to believe these fairytales. Rajasthan does that to you. It makes you bond for just that fleeting moment with past days of glory.

I could savor the city of Jaisalmer thronged with the tourists, merchants and camel-people, has the skill to captivate you. Even common sights like people chatting by the Gadisagar Lake have a romance in it. I felt like losing myself a wee bit more, maybe never returning to my monotonous routine life.

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Maharajahs of Rajasthan ruled the land with bejewelled fists and bequeathed it a legacy of forts that are the best speakers of time.
Palaces or the erstwhile residences of the Maharajahs of yore create a milieu that's inescapably attracting. Come and experience.
The wildlife in Rajasthan is perhaps as exotic as its culture. Be it birds, mammals or reptiles, you'll see varieties you'll lose count of.
As you finish your hunt with forts, palaces and wildlife, get ready to soothe your souls at places like Pushkar, Ajmer Sharif, Dilwara etc.